As purveyors of preloved jewellery, we at Deheb work with Maltese jewellers, craftsmen, and private collectors. Stocking a range of one-off pieces to be rehomed and cherished.
Our curated, 18 carat gold jewellery collection tells a story. Each item, from the ornate to the exquisite, conveys a sentiment that is discernible in the jewellery’s design and craftsmanship. 
We carefully handpick investment jewellery that are worn, loved and passed on to the next generation. 



The radiant, warm tone of 18 carat gold is what makes jewellery eye-catching yet durable. 18 carat gold is made up of 75% gold and 25% stronger metal alloys which allows local craftsmen to work intricately while creating stunning, lasting pieces.


We strive to source items that are in pristine condition, however some scratches, marks and dents may be found due to the very nature of the product. We feel that these imperfections are part of the jewellery's story and we aim to notify you as best we can.