The Gold Street: Santa Luċija Street Valletta

Santa Luċija Street, which my sister and I lovingly refer to as the Gold Street, is the reason we embarked on the Deheb Jewellery endeavour, over a year ago. 

We fondly remember being taken there by our mother on Saturday mornings. We spent what felt like hours looking at the shop fronts, nose pressed to the glass, eyes wide, discussing which item we would buy, even though the 25c coin in our pocket would have certainly not been enough. We would then head to the tiny cafe on the corner to have tea and pastizzi before getting the bus back home. 

It is where my mother, in the 1960s, bought a wonderful locket with her first pay cheque, and later passed on to me as a graduation present. It is where I studied trays of rings for my sister’s 30th birthday and it is the street we still spend a lot of time wondering up and down to seek out new pieces and inspiration. 

These small yet densely displayed shops have fascinated us for years so much so that we felt that launching a website that promoted 18 carat Maltese gold jewellery would in some small way keep this unique street alive. 

We hope that recent developments will not end the heritage that this narrow yet remarkable street conveys. 

Photography @maltatype